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Divorce and Property

These days, divorce and breakdown of relationship are quite common. The breakdown of a relationship can be one of the most traumatic periods of anyone's life. Naturally, you will be concerned about your current financial and property arrangements and how it will affect any children you may have.

In some cases divorces are very acrimonious. Acrimonious breakdowns have an adverse effect on the children of the family. There is no reason why the children, who are often the innocent victims, should have to suffer. This can be avoided by careful evaluation of the situation and effectively communicating to the client his or her legal position.

We are used to advising clients in difficult emotional situations. We aim to provide sympathetic personal advice tailored to your individual circumstances and requirements. We are aware of the fact that, at times, in this type of cases, urgent action is required. We are able to offer prompt and practical advice on how to cope with problems and resolve them.

Our Family team consist of members of Resolution and of the Law Society Family Law Panel. Resolution is an organisation which promotes fair and conciliatory solutions to problems arising out of a family breakdown. The members of our team subscribe to the code of conduct of Resolution.

Membership of the Law Society Family Law panel means that the Law Society has recognised their member as a Specialist in Family law.

We are used to representing clients from all backgrounds with all types of problems and disputes. We can help in all types of family matters including:

Pre nuptial and Post nuptial agreements
Co-habitee disputes
. Civil Partnership
Property and financial disputes.
Domestic violence (including non molestation injunction and exclusion orders)
Children Matters

Very often clients have preconceived ideas as to what their rights are. Sometimes these turn out to be incorrect because the client believed his or her case to be exactly like the case of "so and so" who was awarded "such and such". This could not be further than the truth. No two cases are the same. Nevertheless, we will do our best to ensure that you achieve the best financial settlement in the circumstances.

What will it cost?

Going to Court is not the only option in family breakdowns. You will first need to have gone through the Mediation process, unless you fall within the exempt group. Mediation should be explored in all cases anyway, as it is cheaper, quicker, less formal and less hostile than going to Court and in any event the parties are required to have explored this avenue before going to Court.

We will be open and up front about how much things are likely to cost. At the outset of your case, we will give you an initial estimate of the likely costs. Sometime, the initial estimate has to be revised for various reasons. If this happens we will advise you, as soon as possible, of what the revised costs estimate. We will always check with you before taking any specific action (such as going to Court) which could significantly affect the amount you may need to pay.

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